Services Provided By Rescue 1122

Emergency Ambulance Service is the most important function of Rescue 1122 as over 97% Read More

Specialized rescue operations & emergencies of unique nature necessitated Rescue 1122 Read More

After the faliure of repeated attempts to improve and modernize the existing Read More
Community Safety

The Punjab Emergency Service, Rescue 1122 is in process of establishing Community Emergency Read More
Emergency Data Road Traffic Crashes Medical Emergencies Fire Emergencies Crime Incidents Building Collapse Drowning
1,035,008 1,308,366 63,231 108,241 5,371 6,039
Vision -
Safe communities where all citizens are provided the right to timely emergency response and care without discrimination.
Mission -
Establishment of an effective system for emergency preparedness, response, protection & prevention; while contributing towards building socially responsible, healthy, resilient and safer communities.
Key Objectives -

1.  Provision of the right to timely emergency care by providing quality emergency services as per international standards.

2.  Undertake research to recommend evidence based measures to related organizations for prevention of emergencies.

3.  Contribute towards establishment of socially responsible community emergency response teams through awareness,      enrollment, training & organizing volunteers for emergency preparedness, response & prevention.

Technical assistance is also being provided to other provinces for the establishment of an effective emergency management system so that the citizens of other provinces could be provided with the basic right to timely emergency care in case of any emergency/ disaster. Rescue 1122 established in these provinces includes Emergency Ambulance, Rescue & Fire Services and community safety program. Read More
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News Alert
DG Rescue Punjab Says Well Done Rescuers!
Sep 18, 2014

DG Rescue Punjab Dr. Rizwan Naseer has appreciated the efforts of Water Rescue Teams; Emergency Ambulance, Rescue & Fire Rescuers, whose leaves had been cancelled and they remained on duty round-the-clock & conducted flood search & rescue operations during recent flashfloods and rescued some 87,105 flood affected persons from all 26 flood-hit districts of the Punjab. The responsibility of Rescue 1122 increased two fold as the rescuers not only had to respond to the routine emergencies but also remained on high alert all over the Punjab to rescue flood affected persons from flood-prone areas. During a meeting, DG Rescue Punjab was informed by the PMC that Rescuers evacuated 87,105 flood affected people including 30,046 from Jhang; 15,636 from Multan and 10,899 from Muzaffargarh District.